Swayambhu Stupa: the clean-up

from Sherab Wangchuk, December 1, 2017

On 1st December 2017, Benchen Monastery and Samten Ling Monastery worked together to clean the area of the Swayambhu Stupa. The clean-up started at 8.00am, beginning from the top, at the forest all the way down. The monks worked very hard putting in much effort to clear bits and pieces of rubbish which had been thrown into the forest. The area looks much cleaner now.
Lunch was served at 1.00pm at Benchen Monastery.
This cleaning programme of Swayambhu Stupa was organised by Khorgyug - the Benchen Environment Protection Organisation. The local authority helped by providing trucks and lorries which carried away all the garbage for disposal at a dumping ground.

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