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Kondolenz - Gabi  (4.4.12)



thank you very much for your contribution on this book of condolence. Yesterday (23.5.2012) the cremation of Rinpoche took place in Kathmandu, Nepal. This book documents how strong the connection is between student and teacher and how much we all wish, that Rinpoche come back soon.

Now this book of condolence will be closed with our deepest wish for Rinpoches swift return.


(picture by Gabi)




i had the picture of Him at my vihara and i just took it,I pray may every person who see  his picture even a second will  have meet the darma if not in this reincarnation may the next of them.And after i look at His picture i find peacefullnes and may i can meet Him in my samsara journey,May i will find him as my guru.And may He will return again in this samsara to give campasion to us to show us the beuty of dharma and the sweet of nirvana

om mani padme hum

Gede Giri



Thank you for everything.
Karma Tsondru Tharchin




This afternoon I google for Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche, and read on your website that he passed away on March 30 which made me sad for a short time. Thank you for his teachings which help us liberate from sufferings, and thank for everything... I pray for Ven. Tenga Rinpoche's swift return for the benefit of all sentient beings.
Lin-ming (Karma Yeshe Lhamo)




Dear friends,
better late than never ...
... this is what I have to offer as a condolence
Tenga Rinpoche is doing puja tonight
All His disciples all over the world
Are in different states of mind
Of no mind
Where the birch trees grow ...
Can you feel the wind blow?
March 1995
Windhorse Dance
With greetings to you all






I offer my heartfelt condolences to Venerable Tenga Rinpoche. I preserve all the precious blessings I received from you during Losars in all those blessed years.

Pema Cheden Rangdol



Klagegesang zum bevorstehenden Tod eines großen Heiligen

Laß mich rufen nach den Sonnen, die versunken.

Laß mich schreien wie ein Sturm in Einsamkeit.

Laß mich schlagen wie die Wetter in den tiefsten Stollen der Zeit

und tröste meine Trauer.

Laß mich schluchzen, wie die Engel als Kain den Abel schlug.

Laß mich klagen wie Maria, als ihr Sohn das Holz  der Marter trug.

Laß mich tagen, wie der Tag der Auferstehung naht

und öffne meine Wunden.

Laß mich brüllen wie der Ozean, als Atlantis in ihn sank.

Laß mich bersten wie die Sonne bei jenem ersten Klang.

Laß mich kreisen wie Galaxis in diesem großen Tanz

und vergieße meine Tränen.

Laß mich wimmern wie ein Säugling, ausgesetzt und fremd.

Laß mich rauschen wie ein Strom, dessen Strömen nichts mehr hemmt.

Laß mich steigen wie ein Drachen, dessen Schweif verbrennt

und tröste meine Trauer.

Der große Heilige TENGA RINPOCHE verstarb am 30.03.2012 in Kathmandu/Nepal. Er hatte viele Schüler in Europa. Einer von ihnen,

Jens Wilke, schrieb dieses Gedicht am 17. 01. 2012 um 7:40 Uhr in Utrecht/Niederlande.




Dear Tenga Rinpoche,
komme schnell wieder. Rotes Herz Rote Rose
Tashi Delek
Deine IDA



In Deinem Segensnetzwerk, lichtvoller Herzens-Meister, hast Du uns alle bedacht und mit Herzensliebe berührt.
Du bist uns ein Beispiel von Freude und Liebe für Alle.
Du hast uns getragen, geleitet und gelehrt.
Bitte komme gleich wieder große Sonne, großes Licht der Herzen.
Tashi Delek!

Christiane aus Hamburg



Sehr Verehrter, Lieber, Heiliger Meister TENGA RINPOCHE,

in Demut nehme ich Zuflucht zu Ihnen und erweise Ihnen meine  Liebe, meinen Respekt und meine Ehrfurcht.
Zutiefst möchte ich Ihnen danken, daß ich Ihre Schülerin sein durfte.  
Ich danke Ihnen, daß Sie uns die Heilige Lehre des Buddha nahe gebracht haben,
für den Segen, die Liebe und Freude, die Sie uns geschenkt haben,
für all das Leid, durch das Sie mich schützend geführte und begleitet  haben und
für die Hilfe und Unterstützung, die Sie all den Menschen gegeben haben, die mir nahestehen.
Mögen Sie uns weiter durch das Dasein führen und begleiten und mögen wir Ihnen bald wieder begegnen dürfen. 
In tiefster Dankbarkeit und Liebe
Ihre Schülerin
Helga Grabe, Karma Sherab Lhamo




I would like to express my condolence to all members of the
monastic community of Benchen. My teacher Since the 80ies
precious Tenga Rinpoche was a guiding light on all
ways of my life. I amso  thankfull for everything he did. His activity
was always to benifit all beings - still to his last ultimate meditation.

Tenga Rinpoche Du warst immer in meinen Gedanken

 und Du hast mich an der Hand genommen und den Weg gezeigt.

Ich trauere, aber ich hoffe Dich bald wieder zu sehen.

Sonja Wunder

Los Claros





Saying 'Thank You for Everything' is an understatement. 

Your mere presence was a source of great blessings and inspiration.
Your caring guidance transformed minds of many.  

Every action & word of yours was none other than Dharma teachings that guide us closer to the truth, so is your illusory departure. 

Although the act of your passing is a poignant reminder of the impermanence of life, it's difficult not to feel an immense sadness & loss. 
Our dearest & loving Tenga Rinpoche, please come back (physically) soon to guide us once again.

Love you lots,



After I had prayed today I thought it would be a good idea to google for Tenga Rinpoche. I
read on your website, that he passed away on March 30. That made me sad for a short time.
But there is no need to be sad, he will come back. I had the luck to meet him once and it
inspired me a lot. He was a great teacher. I pray for his swift return.

Constanze Dornhoff (France)



We would like to send our most sincere soldeps and supplications to
Venerable Tenga Rinpoche - that everything will turn out to be as
perfect as possible , or even more perfect than before ;
that there will be absolutely no obstacles with respect to the return
and recognition of Rinpoche by  HH Gyalwa Karmapa Ugyen Thinley Dorje;
and that all the mantras/dharanis/prayers performed will increase in potency.

By the blessing of Sangwa Ringsel, Menla Desheg Dun, Usnisasitatapatra,
Aparimitayur Dharani, Samantabhadra Pranidhanaraja, Jampal Tsenjod,
and tamal gyi shepa ;
as well as all the dohas of Tilopa, Saraha, Maitripa,
Gampopa, Rechungpa - may there be auspiciousness in all the activities
of Ven Tenga Rinpoche and may Benchen Monastery fluorish even more.
From the Tay family in Melaka , Malaysia.

Tashi delek phun sum tsog



I met Tenga Rimpoche in this life about 25 years ago and I took refuge by him.
Three years later he accepted me as disciple. From that time on I met him several
times in Nepal and Germany. His deep love and profound knowledge of the dharma
impressed me deeply. As well he was like a father to me. To say goodbye now was very
sad because I love him deeply; but even in death he showed us how precious dharma
practice is, therfore I'm very thankful. Now I'm praying every that he will come back soon.
All the best wishes to the monastery people

Monika Kirschner


Lama Chenno!

The precious lama has departed now for the pure realms. His great light
of blessings was like the sun illuminating the darkness of our ignorance.
Now this world is a darker place. I can only pray that the great master
returns again soon so that we may again see the light of his great compassion.

Lama Zopa Borodin




Celebration of a Patriarch

On this day of sorrow, countless dakinis gather in the sky,
Collecting precious substances never seen before.
Presenting You with these exquisite offerings,
They utter words of praise beyond imagination.

Today is the celebration of your Glorious Attainment,
Both in Learning and Realization.
True Spiritual Friend, You will always be
A Genuine Source of Inspiration for All!

You quenched the thirst of countless disciples
With the nectar of Your unequalled instructions!
Doubtlessly leading them to The Realm of Unbiased Clarity,
You patiently kept manifesting Your Great Humility.

Although these words of praise
Try to make up for a life of pretence on our side,
May they fill Your Heart with joy, and inspire You
to look down on us with ever Greater Compassion.

From our heart, may You never depart!
Unequalled wondrous ornament of this earth,
May your moon-like face be seen again soon.
Lama Khyenno!

This was written on the eight day of the second month
of the Water Dragon Year 2139 with great longing and feelings
of respect for the ever-present Lord of Refuge,
Most Venerable Kyabje Dorlop Tenga Tulku Rinpoche,
by Repa Sang-Ngag Gompo.



Rinpoche, you are truely Buddha -
I have no words to express my sadness


Chogtrul Tenga Rinpoche, Thug Gong Choying Chigse Kyang,
Laryang Tendro Chiche Le, Trulpe Dashal Nyur Char Sol.
May Tenga Rinpoche return soonest to the Samsara world so that
Rinpoche can guide us culpable gullible sentient beings the
right path & we can turn the Dharma Wheel together again
in this lifetime.
Thank you, Rinpoche.

Isis Tan





 Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche,

 seit 1980 warst du mein spiritueller Lehrer.

 Ich danke dir für die Zeit in deiner Nähe und die

 Einweihungen und Belehrungen, die ich durch dich erhalten habe.

 In tiefer Achtung und der ganzen Liebe meines Herzens.

 Ulrich G. Kuhn / Karma Dorje Wangpo





On 8th April,
 I received the saddening news that His Holiness
Tenga Rinpoche had passed on...

I would like to thank Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche for his
light, his compassion and precious teachings...

I first met His Holiness in Bechen Monastery, Kathmandu,
in August 2010,  in a personal audience, accompanied by
Tsering, a young monk who lives in the Monastery. I was
literally blinded by Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche´s radiance. He was
lying down, very tired after his return from teachings in Germany.
I had just come back from Tibet, with some mala beads and asked
if they could be blessed by him, which he did. He took them in
his hand... He said few words and touched my head. I never felt
anything alike in my whole life. I was in a state of shock during
and after I left his room, and at the same time I was filled with
joy and peace...

I met Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche again in Barcelona, in June 2011,
and again, during his teachings and when he passed beside us and
blessed us, I felt his amazing aura...I was deeply moved..

May you come back soon to guide us. May your ocean of wisdom
guide us for ever...
May all sentient beings be free of suffering....

Special thank you to Phuntshok through whom I got to know
His Holiness Tenga Rinpoche and who gave me spiritual guidance
in Kathmandu as well as in Tibet.

Peace to all,



The executive committee and members of Karma Kagyu Shedup Ling
(Karma Kagyu Dharma Society Penang) Malaysia extend our deepest
condolences. We also remember with great fondness, Kyabje
Tenga Rinpoche's visits to our Dharma centre; his perpetual smile -
our longing for him will be expressed in our prayers for
his swift return!

Karma Kagyu Dharma Society Penang


To the Benchen Monastry Community:
My deep condolence to all of you for
Rinpoche great passing.
Praying for Rinpoche swift return.
Medicine boy Y Y Fan
Kajang, Malaysia.


thank you, spasibo, gracias, danke, efcharisto

karsten neumann



Dear Rinpoche,
you will never been seperated with us, I am so lucky to know you,
you were the first Tibetan Lama I met at all.....and the
compassion that you expressed in your smile at me touched my heart
deeply and  made that I am always connected to you and the Dharma...
I hope you will come back soon !



Tashi Delek,
Please accept this email as sincere condolences for the great
and sad loss of Tenga Rinpoche. May his rebirth be swift and
again be of great and complete benefit to all sentient beings!
Lucky student of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche,
Lynn Archibald,
Nalandabodhi Halifax




To the Sangha of Benchen Phuntsok Dargyeling,

We were deeply saddened to receive the news of the passing away of

Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche.  Rinpoche was a supreme vajra master and the loss

for the Kagyu Tradition is enormous, as well for all those dharma

students throughout the world that over the years Rinpoche has guided

with his wisdom and compassion.  We shall always remember and be

grateful for the precious teachings and empowerments that he gave to us.

May the radiance of his presence remain in all our hearts and we pray that

he return swiftly to our samsaric world to once again encourage us in

our dharmic endeavours.

With sincere condolences,

Bernd Lafrenz - President, Kagyu Benchen Ling,Germany

on behalf of the trustees, members and community




To the Benchen Monastry Community
I would like to express my condolence to all members of the
monastic community of Benchen. Since the early 80ies my teacher
precious Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche was a guiding light on all
ways of my life. I am thankfull for everything he did. His activity
was always to benifit all beings - still to his last ultimate meditation.
Of course no-one is happy if such a great master is leaving...,
but for those who are sick for saidness I'd like to share the main teaching
of all the years Rinpoche gave to me and told me many many times:
Just let go and go on.

Samsara and Nirvana are the same, - one's perspective is the main difference.
So what ever arises, just be aware and let, now go on!
Praying for swift return
Karma Jinpa Yeshe
City of Ruppichteroth



I will like to send my deepest condolences to the Benchen
Monastery Community for Rinpoce great passing.Having met
Rinpoche on many occassions , I believe I have closed
affilation with this extremely great teacher .In his presence,
I can aways feel radiant light is glowing within our heart.
I am also extremely fortunate to receive many teaching from
him since more than 10 years ago in Singapore.
I have always regards rinpoche as one great diamond jewel among
pratictioner and one of the greatest vajra master in our modern times.

May all pray for the swift return of rinpoche.

Karma Tashi Rabten (Bobby Ng Kim Tian, Singapore)





Supreme Lord of Refuge, Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche, it appears to us that you have
temporarily gone to the Dharmadhatu (where you ever dwelled), but we all the
beings who are sunk in dullness, supplicate to you with great faith and devotion:
we pray to you that until cyclic existence is emptied, with your great loving
kindness for the benefit of all beings, your moon-like face promptly returns
again. Lama, care for us. Lama, care for us. Lama, care for us.
Lama, care for me. Loving Root Lama, care for me. Essence of the Three Times’
Buddhas, source of the holy Dharma, the Scriptures and the Realization, Master
of the Sangha’s Noble Community, Root Lama, care for me.
You are the protector of those deeply tied to karma and with aspiration, you
shake the depths of samsara’s ocean of suffering, you are the great chariot that
leads us upon the path to liberation toward permanent happiness, your kindness
is invaluable; Lama, care for us.
You cut through the illusory beginningless stream of karma and passions. You
avert from samsara’s pathway those who keep the three kinds of vows. With the
liberating instructions that lead to fruition, you make our mind unite with
Dharma; Lama, supreme guides’ king, care for us!
Your blazing wisdom burns down our ignorance’s bramble bush, you show us
directly that self-knowing awareness is Dharmakaya’s true face. You settled us in
the abode of the union with the Guru in this very lifetime; lord of all Buddha
Families, care for us!
Lord Guru, ocean of mandalas’ holder; lord Guru, all realizations’ treasurer; lord
Guru, wish-fulfilling and need-quenching source; I beg to you from the depth of
my heart.
Swiftly free the others and me, all six realms’ beings, my former mothers, from
samsara’s sludge of sufferings, and bless us so that our mind merges with yours,
which brims with renunciation and the realization of an ocean of
May not arise even an instant of wrong views about how the glorious Lama
leads his life of liberation. May the Lama’s blessings seep into my mind through
the perfectly right view of all his deeds.
With deep heartfelt devotion,
Lama Drubgyu Tenpa and all the Lamas,retreatants and staff from Dag Shang
Kagyü - Panillo - Spain


In deep gratitude I appreciate what Rinpoche has
given us advice, instructions, transmissions,
initiations, love, concern, care
friend, parent, protector, prescious Guru
unsurpassed, luminous, stainless
Emaho! how lucky we are to have known
such a great being!

annemar, dk




Dearest people,
Even Rinpoche never leaves us, we feel so sad as we know
nobody loves us like our master does. But we aren't without
them, we are with our beloved masters interconnected.
May Rinpoche his wisdom, his compassion soon return to teach.
Fortunate ones who meet such master!
Many prayers.
Muni TP



I have the merits to see Tenga Rinpoche twice last year,
which I now cherish very much. How blessed and fortunate
I am to be able to see such a holy being in this life.

The first time when I met Rinpoche, he was ok. The second
time when I met him, that was after his operation near end of
year 2011. As the result of his medication, Rinpoche felt tired
and was resting when I arrived. I brought my offerings to him and
hoped much that I could see him and was naturally felt a bit sad
as I knew from Lama Sherab that Rinpoche was taking his rest.
Lama Sherab was kind that he asked Rinpoche if he was ok to see me,
which Rinpoche so kindly granted.

When I entered into his room, Rinpoche was lying in bed. I was
feeling very sad (even now when I think about this) and tears filled
my eyes. Without saying much, he asked me to go to the side of his
bed so that he could gave me blessings. He placed a small statue on
my head and made some prayers. I said a few lines to convey my concerns
to him which his assistance kindly translated.

How kind is Tenga Rinpoche that he gave blessings to people when he
himself was not feeling ok.

I wanted very much to be able to stay with him for a little longer
but looking at Rinpoche I believe it is better that I left his room
so he could have some rests which he needed.

I felt so fortunate to have the merits to see Rinpoche in my present
ife, even though it was only twice. I wish very much that I have the
merits to see the reincarnation of Tenga Rinpoche again in my present




Ich danke Rinpoche für die vielen Einweihungen.
Besonders dankbar bin ich ihm für die von Padmasambhava.
Dear Rinpoche, please come back soon.

Beate Freihold, vom Zongsar Ngari Labrang, Nümbrecht bei Köln



In tiefer Dankbarkeit und in der Hoffnung
auf eine schnelle Reinkarnation

Lama John- Rangjung Dorje (Rinpoches private driver 79-92)
Karma Gyurme Gyamtso Ling, Berlin



I will always remember how he embodies
true service to others.
May he return swiftly.

Michell Wong



In Liebe und Dankbarkeit nehme ich Abschied von Kyabje
Tenga Rinpoche. Es ist in Worten nicht auszudrücken wie
groß der Schmerzund die Trauer über sein Ableben ist und
wie groß die Freude über seine hoffentlich baldige Wiederkehr
sein wird.
In Demut und Hoffnung werde ich weiterhin seinen Unterweisungen
versuchen zu folgen. Er hat mir in meinen schwersten und
dunkelsten Stunden einen hell erleuchteten Weg gezeigt.
Ich verneige mich vor ihm aus tiefstem Herzen in Respekt und Dankbarkeit.
Mögen alle Wesen glücklich sein !
Tsering Lhamo (Hannah) rainbowcave



Thank you for all the good words. I would like to express
my condolence too. I did an interview for WDR with
Tenga Rinpoche and met him only twice. In october 2011 in
Kamalashila Langenfeld we was giving teachings in his wheelchair.
Even I could see he was handicaped, I had the feeling, that
he is the most powerful person I ever met. I'm very gratefull
having received his teachings

Peter, Würselen, Germany




Dear Dharma Friends,

meine Begegnung mit Ven. Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche war für mich
das Beste, was mir in meinem Leben passieren konnte. Er war
nicht nur Lehrer sondern auch wie ein Vater, der mit viel
Liebe und Güte mir begegnet ist. Seine Belehrungen waren mir
stets eine besonders große Hilfe. Ich hoffe und bete, dass ich
seine Wiedergeburt noch erleben darf. Allen denen, die ihm
hilfreich zur Seite gestanden haben, gilt mein besonderer Dank!

Mögen alle Wesen glücklich sein.

Karma Drime Tharchin (= Friedrich Lühr)



It is impossible to express with words,what rinpoche
has done in his life for the dharma,the disciples
and families in the whole world.It is beyond of words.....
may the H.H. the 17th karmapa come 2013 to bless us in europe !!
Es ist nicht möglich in Worten auszusprechen,was Rinpoche
in seinem Leben für den Dharma,die Schüler und Familien in der
ganzen Welt bewirkt hat.Es ist jenseits von Worten!!!Möge seine
Heiligkeit,der 17te Karmapa 2013 zu uns nach Europa kommen,um uns
zu segnen.
In deep devotion in tiefer Hingabe
Mögü Peter Otto




Dear Dharma Friends,

I had the privilege of being Tenga Rinpoche’s household
manager during his 1985 stay in Boulder, Colorado in the US.
During that time he gave the commentary and practice instructions
for the Chakrasamvara sadhana to Trungpa Rinpoche's students and
directed the building of the 3 dimensional mandala of Chakrasamvara.

I have very fond and grateful memories of him during that time and
have always cherished his presence, teaching and advice.  I
understand the sadness your sangha must be feeling now.  The Kagyu
lineage and the world have lost a precious Buddha.  May the rain of
Rinpoche's blessings both soften and strengthen you.

Yours in the dharma,
David Stone
Shambhala, Chicago, IL



Only a few times in my present life I had met
Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche,receiving some remarkable
teachings, empowerments, and blessings for my family.

It is sad that such a high Master has left us behind,
and I pray for his soon return for the sake of his
students, and for all other sentient beings who
experience irritation and suffering.

In addition to being a souvereign, skillful,
and compassionate teacher, Tenga Rinpoche had been
a healer, too, who cured me by his incredible wisdom
and healing power from a desease, which otherwise would
have been affecting me the rest of my life.

I will ever be grateful for his altruistic activities.
May I, again and again, encounter Tenga Rinpoche to-be.
May there be harmony, peace and happiness throughout
the three worlds.

C.Kanta Friedewald, Düsseldorf Germany


Dear members of the Benchen Monastery Sangha,

from the bottom of our hearts we are thankful for
all that we received from our enlightened teacher
Ven. Tenga Rinpoche. Every year he spend precious
time with us and helped us in countless situations.
His compassion, love and wonderful laughter will stay
in our hearts forever. We will try to follow his advice
- as best as we can. We feel bonded to our teacher for
the rest of our lives. We pray for a swift rebirth,
so that Rinpoche can continue his activity for
all sentient beings in our world.

Mela Pinter and Nicola Aly
(Benchen White Tara Group - Freiburg)


Dear master,

more than thirtyfive years you have been my guiding light
in this world of magic illusions.
And you took care of my daughter as well.
Surely we'll meet again.

Thsering Chöphel



My words are few, my devotion is all that I have..
Could the benedictions of Preciously Tenga Rinpoche
to expand all over the world without obstruction,
as well his greatest goodness, now and ever.

Pamela from Panillo, Spain



Précieux joyau du Dharma,
Puissiez-vous continuer à "sourire"
nos "cœurs", prochainement.
 tv tr vajrapani1
Karma Péma Dreulma ( Paris - France )


Ich kann nur immer wieder Danke sagen, für alles was Tenga Rinpoche
für uns getan hat.
Auch bedanke ich mich bei all jenen, die den Sommerkurs ermöglicht haben.
Danke an Stephen und Doris, die mich 2007 zum Sommerkurs geschickt haben.
Ich hoffe, dass ich die Sangha auch in diesem Jahr dort wieder
treffen werde.
Wenn wir Tenga Rinpoche erfreuen wollen, ist jetzt umsomehr die Zeit
gekommen, seine Unterweisungen in die Tat umzusetzen.
Love and peace and compassion.
Mögen alle Wesen glücklich sein.



Der Tod ist die beste Erfindung
Er schaft Platz für Neues

Einwahrer Meister ist gestorben und wird auch wiedergeboren




Met you one time

I *am SO thankful for the WHiteTARADEVI Initiation

The last 4 weeks the heart was to you

May we meet again

Thank you

Heinrich P. Wendel



Liebe Dharma-Freunde,
Tenga Rinpoche war und ist mir und meiner Familie ein Licht,
das immer leuchtet. Er hat unser Leben mit seinem Segen erfüllt.
Wir sind einfach dankbar für seine erleuchtete Aktivität zum Wohle
aller. Möge er sich rasch wieder verkörpern.
Vielen Dank vor allem an diejenigen, die sich so sehr um ihn
gekümmert haben.
Liebe Grüsse von Uli Ackermann, Angelika Hoelzel, Nora und Carla



Great was my birth at the time of great beings like HH Tenga Rinpoche,
Great is an opportunity to practise in the same path leading towards
enlightenment as was doing by a great master Tenga Rinpoche, though
I am a just a starter, Wonderful was His presense which I felt during
my tender age at Darjeeling when He visited, Same ears which I possess
had a blessing of hearing  His wonderful teachings and innitiations,
Great are my eyes which had a wonderful glance of His wonderful holy
appearance, Sad is my mind still needs to be tamed by Him, anyway I pray
earnestly for His swift return for the dispelling of my leftover veils,



Dear people at Benchen monastery,

I met Tenga Rinpoche only few times in my life, but the inspiration
I received has the power to steer me through the rest of my life and
beyond. Dzogchen Pönlop Rinpoche advises to think of a living master
rather than a statue, whenever the Buddha comes in mind; whenever I
think of a real Buddha, I must think of Tenga Rinpoche. Thanks for the
wonderful work you all are doing, thanks for allowing us to be part of
this through the internet, and especially for the precious photo of
Tenga Rinpoche's Tukdam and the inspiring advice and continuing support
of Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche.

Martin Weyers
Heidelberg, Germany



May my beloved Tsawe Lama Tenga Rinpoche remain in the hearts
of all his students as a lamp in the darkness. His life was pure
love and compassion. I am happy to meet him and to get from him the
highest teachings. Thank you Rinpoche for your kindness and generosity.
May you come soon back.
Gertrud Zovkic



Dear buddhist brothers at Katmandu,

The Very Venerable Tenga Rinpoche was the first Rinpoche under whom I took refuge
and gave me dharma name in 2007.
His passing happened in the way that only great Masters accomplished Tulkus pass away.
He was a glorious being, truly attained to enlightenment, selfless, completely selfless.
I owe him much, because he helped me through difficult times, without advertising
his help to me.
Had it not been for him I don't know what would have happened to me.
May the supreme guru Tenga Rinpoche, return to this world in the best possible way,
in the best place and in the most auspicious circumstances. His compassion is vast
and that is why he will return, and this is an act of supreme compassion, because
he could just stay liberated if he wanted without taking another body.

I wish my first guru Tenga Rinpoche, may he never be separated from all Buddhas
surrounding him.
Ever since 2011 I changed buddhist lineage, but I have been told by my new guru
how much Tenga Rinpoche helped me without me knowing it.

May the Tulku Tenga Rinpoche be always close to all Buddhas and the conditions of
his reincarnation may they be perfect!

Namo Guru Bhyah!

Karma Tsultrim Rabten



To the Benchen Monastry Community,

We wish to express our condolences to the Benchen Monastery Community. Not even having met Rinpoche in person, his mere presence in this world as well as his passing away have been an inspiration. How wonderfull!

Joop Agterberg & family, Zutphen, The Netherlands.



ich möchte kondolieren und meine herzlichste anteilnahme ausdrücken.
bin seid 20 jahren schülerin von ehrw. tenga rinpoche.
er formte meine entwicklung mit seiner unendlichen geduld und liebe.
was für ein geschenk, so einen juwel als lehrer begegnet zu sein.
er wird in meinem leben in mir sein und mich weiter begleiten.

danke dafür.

in liebe und dankbarkeit eleonore strunk
ahausen,den 4.4.2012




Since the early 1980's I knew Tenga Rinpoche.

I feel sad and happy to have known Rinpoche which has

contributed to my life so much.

Navyo Eller




Hallo liebe Leute,
meine Familie und ich sind in großer Trauer und gleichzeitig
voller Hoffnung. Eine Ära geht für uns und unserer Kinder zu Ende.
Auch die Zeit des ewigen Hinausschiebens vieler Ziele ist vorbei,
denn unser Lehrer ist gegangen. Es wird noch einige Jahre dauern,
bis wir ihm wieder gegenübertreten können. Und in dieser Zeit
sind wir wie Schiffe ohne Kapitän, jedoch mit Kompass und
Seekarten ausgestattet, jetzt heißt es: segeln.
Unser Beileid gilt allen, die persönlich mit Rinpoche verbunden
sind, vor allem sein engster Kreis im Kloster.
Viele Grüße und bis bald
Katja Moser-Zours



there s a true ONE ,
made a crack in the matrix!
absolute anarchy full of non differentiated
loving responsibility!!
here is a man who lead an honoust revolution;
not against others or something,
but breaking through THE illusion!
how much suffering in the losses, how much gaining....!
precious, precious, precious…care and courage!
deep and sweet beautifull rascal of samsara!
all of us connected to him
all of us not connected to him
it does not matter
him no him

spacious awareness

thank you. thank you.thank you.




You have left your precious and gifted body
my wonderful entirely compassionate Teacher

yet I am blessed with all that pure remainder of your life,
teachings and moments of wondrous blessings

I cannot thank you enough
You know my heart better than myself

may Your rainbow of purity prevail

a simple student , but very very fortunate

Condolence from Peter Effenberger- Choekyi Rinchen




Emaho Tsawä Lama Tenga Rinpoche

How precious is Your enlightened being
How radiant Your wisdom and compassion

How fortunate we are to have met You
How blessed we are to receive Your teachings

How wonderful is our karmic connection
How amazing is Your final teaching... 

We will meet again and again
We will never be separate  
We will always be one
with Your enlightened heartmind



Emaho Tsawä Lama Tenga Rinpoche

Wie kostbar ist Dein erleuchtetes Sein
Wie strahlend ist Deine Weisheit und Dein Mitgefühl

Welches Glück haben wir, Dir zu begegnen
Welch ein Segen, Deine Belehrungen zu erhalten

Welch wunderbare karmische Verbindung.
Wie erstaunlich ist Deine letzte Belehrung...

Wir begegnen uns immer wieder
Wir werden niemals getrennt sein  
Wir sind immer eins
mit Deinem erleuchteten HerzGeist


Yamuna Karma Yeshe Drolkar



Ein grosser Meister ist gegangen. Er hat uns vorgelebt was Liebe und Mitgefühl bedeuten.

Er wird uns stets ein unvergleichliches Vorbild sein und immer in unseren Herzen verweilen und

uns Kraft für unsere spirituelle Praxis geben. Karmapa Kyenno!

-- Mit freundlichen Gruessen, Kai Santos



I would like to offer my respect and gratitude to Tenga Rinpoche. 

Your blessing was strong as the kick of a horse
Your teaching was clear as a mountain lake 
Your advise was sharp as a sword
And you kept your heart warm for so long
Rinpoche, thank you for all
Please make a swift return for the good of all beings
Michael Christmas



To all members of the Benchen Phuntsok Dargyeling Monastery

On behalf of the members of Karmapa Trust - Sangye Tashi Ling and on behalf of all

Ven. Tanga Rinpoche students in Denmark I herby send our condolence and heartfelt best wishes.

We feel with you and pray for a quick rebirth of Tenga Rinpoche. 

When we learned that Tenga Rinpoche past away we felt very sad and at the same timereminded

each other of all the wonderful teachings he gave us. We have been so fortunate and blessed

having Ven. Tenga Rinpoche as the main teacher of ourLineage in Denmark.

Rinpoche lived here with us for a few years in the 80’es and he kept coming back

nearly every year since then to bless us with his wisdom, his profound teachings,

his personal advice, his love, his compassion and wonderful smiles.

We are forever grateful and bow in humble respect.

On April 18th we will work together with all the Buddhist centers in Denmark

and host a memorial service for our Guru and great master. All pujas and prayer we

dedicate to Ven. Tenga Rinpoches quick return - may we never be separated from his mind.


Sangye Tashi Ling - Denmark




I would like to express my condolence to all members of the monastic community 
of Benchen. I feel very sad because he is gone, and I'am very "dankbar"
to have had the chance to ontmoet him and to get his blessing and teachings.
Thank you for all the informations though that
we could "follow his way" with our prayers. I feel a little bit like a lost child -
but if I understand it correct he told us to go on with our praxis and to follow
the teachings and teachers and so i will do.
Thank you very much Ven. Tenga Rinpoche for all your teachings,
blessings and your love.
Christiane Berger, Karma Kagyu - lineage Germany



Le départ de Tega Rinpoché  est une grande perte pour nous et une pause pour lui ,

je ne parlerai de la douleur  que le départ de mon maitre  à  faut écho en moi ,

mais je préfère garder présent son éternel sourire  et l’exemple qu’il nous à montré .

Tenga Rinpoché à été mon premier maitre ,il m’a mis sur la voie quand j’étais perdue ,

j’ai su a la minute ou mes yeux se sont posés sur lui et ou mon regard à croisé le sien que

j’avais retrouvé mon maitre  et la nuit ou il est parti  j’ai senti so au revoir .ma route est de maintenant

rendre vivant son enseignement et ne pas rompre mon samaya avec lui  .

En attendant de bientôt le retrouver je  lui dédie mes pratiques  Karmapa Chenno Kyenno  OM SOTI ....



To the sangha of the Benchen Phuntsok Dargyeling Monastery

I would like to express my condolence to all members of the monastic community of Benchen,
personally and on behalf of the Karma Kagyu Community Germany with the Kamalashila Institute®, i
ts centers, lamas and members. We feel with you and pray for a quick rebirth of Tenga Rinpoche. 
The information, that Tenga Rinpoche past away, made us very sad. He was the main teacher
of our Lineage in Germany. The whole German Kagyu sangha was benefited by his profound
teachings and the example he gave us through his life, which was always in line with that what
he was teaching – the limitless kindness, the clarity of his mind, the very personal advice he had
for every one asking for his help.  
Otherwise who is practicing according to Rinpoche's advices will never be separated
from the mind of the Ven. Tenga Rinpoche. He will remain as the Lord of Refuge.  
May the Venerable Tenga Rinpoche be swift reborn.
President of the Karma Kagyu Community Germany



..our precious teacher Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche has passed away. During the night when he passed away

i woke up in the middle of the night. I felt a neccesity to put on a candle on my little altar.

i went to bed again counting Tara Mantra..
Next morning i read on Facebook about the loss of our Rinpoche. I felt the tears coming

up but only for a second. I had an intention that Ripoche does not want us to be sad...and like this it

should be...
It was such an honour that i was able to meet him twice. The first time i met him i was able

to feel his endless kindness in a short beam directly into my heart.

This was an unbelivable and very nice experiance for me. I thank him for his teachings and

his great love for all sentient beings. May he come back very soon!! Love, Kally



When I saw Rinpoche in the 2010 Kagyu Monlam webcast, I knew there was something very special about him.

I had never seen him before, but I was immediately drawn to him, and really fell in love. It was one of

the most beautiful moments of the Monlam when he and two other senior masters were honored.

I was especially drawn to Rinpoche's face, and his incredible smile. Even though we did not meet,

and I wasn't fortunate enough to receive teachings from him, I feel that we do have a connection.

It's obvious to me that he is a great master. He's benefitted countless beings, something that

he continues to do, even in death. I feel that has also benefitted me. And I am very grateful.

His kindness is apparent. With love and reverence. Karmapa Khyenno!

--Lila Lundquist, Schiedam, the Netherlands




Dear and beloved members of the sangha of the Benchen Monastery in Kathmandu:
We are very sad about the news of the recent passed away of Benchen Tenga Rinpoche.
I'm Michael Angel Acosta Ramos (Karma Trinle Dordje) and Stefano (a rime italian buddhist monk)
from the sangha of Meriling in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.
We are going to keep Benchen Tenga Rinpoche in our prayers for his swift return.



I offer all my condolences to all the monastic Community of Benchen, personnaly and behalf of Dorje Lam Sangha .
I am very sad to think that I never shall see anymore the Venerable Tenga Rinpoche as every year in France at Vajradhara Ling.
But the mind of the disciple never can be separated from the mind of the master...
I pray with all my heart for his swift return, and I wish to extend my gratitude to the beloved and precious Lord of Dharma
and to all those who have facilitated his activity so beneficial for all these years.
Thank you Rinpoche-la...

Sönam Wangmo (editor of the website Dorje Lam Sangha)





Poem by Ringu Tulku

Lama Chenno!

Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche entered into Samadhi

We have lost another great master Who lived amongst us and only for us.

We will always miss him, His immeasurable kindness, And his tireless work to help us.

At his 80th birthday he declared, “I never had an obstacle in my life”

All were totally shocked As he had lost one of his eyes, One leg and some fingers, And his other leg was about to go.

Now we do realize That he was telling the truth.

He had overcome all the obstacles Even his death was not a problem It was an act to teach and inspire.

All his life was a teaching and an example.

How fortunate we were!

What a great opportunity it was To receive his teachings and blessings.

Many people ask me, “Did you really see an enlightened being.” Yes, I have and we all have without any doubt.

Ringu Tulku Gangtok 31st March 2012





To  all members of the Benchen Phuntsok Dargyeling Monastery

We were very sorry to  hear the news about the passing of Tenga Rinpoche.

Our two retreats and Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery are praying for him.

With best wishes




Our best wishes to all the Benchen Monastry Sangha. From Dag Shang Kagyu we are with you 
and pray for the swift return of Rinpoché. Personaly, I am indebted 
with Rinpoché who give us  the precious Shangpoa Kagyu Wangs 
and brig us his great joy even in the apparently adverse circumstances 
such as those he experienced in recent years with his body. 
The living and dying example of Tenga Rinpoché is our best heritage.
I'm 56 years old and only HH Karmapa and Bokar Rinpoche moved me so much 
as did Tenga Rinpoché. I would like offer the spanish translation of 
the "Brief Supplication for the Swift Rebirth of Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche" 
composed by HE Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoché 
so that you may share it in this websiteI with the spanish speaking disciples 
of Rinpoche.
Please, give me an e-mail where I can send the pdf files to you.

ChogTrül Tenga Rinpoché, TrülPei DaShel ÑurChar Söl.
Trinle Gyamtso (JuanÁngel)


Dear Webmaster for

My deep heart feeling to you and all at Benchen. 

I just read "The passing of Tenga Rinpoche" article on your site and am deeply moved 
by it.
I am the codirector of the Chronicles of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
[ ]
 and I would like to ask permission to post this article on the Chronicles. 
Many of our readers are Kagyu practitioners and all students of Chogyam Trungpa feel 
a deep connection to Tenga Rinpoche. Many people would be honored 
to read this article.  We will of course also link to

All the best to you at this momentous time.

Warmly, Walter Fordham
for the Chronicles




Nous avons eu l'honneur et la chance de suivre ses enseignements.....à
Vajra Dhara Ling en France
Puisse-t-il être en paix, car délivré de ses souffrances...
Merci Vénérable Tenga Rimpoché pour tout ce que vous nous avez donné, 
votre Lumière m'éclaire au quotidien...
Je m'associe à  votre tristesse et à vos prières
Muriel Pauchard

To the Noble Sangha:
The Lord of Refuge, Dorje Loppon Tenga Rinpoche, having passed into Paranirvana in the last hours,

with tremendous sadness I write these words.
The Vidyadhara called Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche "one of the truly joyful ones," and all who knew him can attest to that.   It seemed as if joy and compassion just poured out of him.   I saw the Vidyadhara toast him in person at the Dorje Dzong shrine hall in the mid-1980's, saying, "To devotion!"--making reference to Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche's relationship with his own guru, the XVIth Gyalway Karmapa.   I saw Tenga Rinpoche break into spontaneous tears in public when his guru's name was mentioned.  
Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche oversaw the design of our Chakrasamvara mandala and the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya of the mind emanation of the Vidyadhara.   He acted as a principal adviser to the translation of the Chakrasamvara Sadhana and bestowed Vajrayogini and Chakrasamvara Abhiseka many times on members of our sangha.   He was master of liturgy and all our Karma Kagyu ritual practices.  The artistry in his monastery facilities is unsurpassed.  He was a great scholar, and a peerless protector of the Dharma communities.   During the times of trial following the Vidyadhara's Paranirvana, he gave made a statement to our community, including us all in the circle of White Tara.
I saw Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche three times in the last few years, once with my wife Brigitta, at the time of the enthronement of Yangsi Tulku Ugyen Rinpoche in 2008.   We walked down the hill from Tsokyni Rinpoche's monastery in the Swoyambunath district of Kathmandu, got lost in the back streets, received directions from some monks, turned a corner and found ourselves at the main gate of Benchen Monastery.   We looked up the driveway and saw Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche sitting in a chair, waiting for Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche's arrival.   We were motioned to come up and greeted Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche with great joy.
In early 1996 Brigitta and I went to make offerings to Rinpoche at Benchen Monastery.   We had not had our formal marriage ceremony in Boulder.   When he saw us he wrapped us up together in a long white katak.   I turned to her said, "Guess what--we're married!".   
I had asked him questions about our Karma Kagyu practices in the past and once had the privilege of pretending to hold the principal practice seat at a Vajrayogini Feast in Boulder while Rinpoche sat on his throne in front.   He insisted I continue to do the practice of which he was the master, I watching him as the Dorje Loppon, and he watching me do it as our guru had instructed, in continual communication for six hours.   It was one of the most remarkable Vajrayana practice experiences in my life.  
The last two times I saw Rinpoche were over Losar (the Shambhala Day period) of 2011.  I had journeyed to Kathmandu to see him.  On Losar with unstinting generosity and kindness he saw and gave blessings to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of disciples for many hours.  A few days later, he was kind enough to grant me an interview, even though his physical body was giving him up.   He offered his help and support in preserving the Surmang Chakramvara dance tradition, as I had described to him that a number of our sangha members have expressed the wish for that to occur.
Apparently, just prior to his passing into Paranirvana, Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche instructed that his students recite the Karma Khenno guru yoga mantra (the mantra for the Karma Kagyu guru yoga ngondro practice) as many times as possible.
There is no doubt in my mind that the circle of his protection remains and that his blessings continue to rain down upon us.
With a broken heart and undying appreciation,
Bill Karelis