Free Clinic: Health Camp conducted in Terai

Send by Benchen Free Clinic, September 5, 2017

We concluded the health camp in the Parsa district of the flood affected southern Terai region of Nepal. The camp was organized by Central Child Welfare board of the government of Nepal and Public Health Office of Parsa District where ADARA Development Nepal, Himalayan Medical Foundation and Benchen P.D. Monastery supported financially, logistically and with human resources. We left Kathmandu and traveled 8 and half hours on 28 th August. From 29 - 31 August, we conducted the health camp. We returned on 1st sept. We had a team of 2 doctors, 2 health workers and 2 volunteers from ADARA, HMF and Benchen. During the 3 days, we treated 1618 patients. Among them male 27.3 percent, female 39 percent and children 33.7 percent.  
Among diseases, 27.8 percent skin related diseases, 16.75 percent gastro problems, 13.3 percent ENT and eye, 12.2 percent viral fever, 5.52 percent respiratory, 6.99 percent Urinal Tract. 3.3 percent cardiac problems, and others 4.4 percent.



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