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Sangha HouseAfter the construction of the building shell, the interior finishing of the Sangha House was gradually advanced.

With a lot of own contribution step by step some rooms were developed.
For many years now the Sangha House has been doing good service during the summer course, and since the new heating has been installed, it can be used all year round.

But there is still a lot to do.
The most important thing we have to do is finally to get the official operating permit. Some conditions have to be fulfilled.
1. Due to stricter legal regulations for fire protection, the installation of a fire staircase is absolutely necessary.
2. At least on the lower and middle floors, the electrics must be completed so that we can obtain an entrepreneur's certificate of sufficient power protection.

retreat housesThis is the prerequisite for being able to implement a plan that has been postponed for a long time, namely the establishment of a separate retreat area.

Initially Tenga Rinpoche planned to build several small retreat houses on the property of Benchen Phuntsok Ling. However, since a big part of the land belongs to Natura 2000, a protected area of the European Union, this plan had to be modified later.

The first step is to create three retreat rooms with bathroom and kitchen, where intensive meditation can be practiced undisturbed by external influences.

ViewWe are expecting costs of around 90,000 EUR in order to be able to implement the fire staircase, the electric part and the three retreat rooms.

For this we need your generous support. Please use the following donation account:

Commerzbank Cologne
IBAN: DE35 3704 0044 0558 8884 04
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Thank you!

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