Retreats in 2024 -- Allmuthen

2024 the following five retreats will be offered in Europe Benchen Phuntsok Ling: 


14 days of Individual Retreat (completed)
During the sessions everyone does their own practice, everything else is done in the group as in the other retreats.
14 days of Gönkar Practice (cancelled)
Prerequisite: Gönkar empowerment.
During the Gönkar Retreat the main focus will be to practice the visualisation of the creation phase (kyerim) and to recite mantras. The short puja text for daily practice will be taken for this purpose, instead of the long one used at the summer course.
14 days of Sangye Menla Practice
Medicine Buddha Practice
Prerequisite: Sangye Menla empowerment.
14 days "Seven Points of Mind Training"
Mind training, or lojong, leads to a change from the normal, deluded mind directed toward a self to a fundamentally changed enlightened view directed toward others.
In doing so, one reflects on the fact that others are just like oneself and puts their welfare in the place now occupied by one's own welfare.
A 16-day Nyungne
A set of 8 Nyungne in a row.
Prerequisite: Chenrezig empowerment.


Friday 23.02.  Sunday,  10.03.  Individual Practice (*)
Friday 05.04.  - Sunday 21.04.  Gönkar Practice
Friday 26.04. - Sunday 12.05. Sangye Menla Practice
Friday 24.05. - Sunday,  09.06. Seven Points of Mind Training
Friday,  27.09.  Monday,  14.10.  Eight Nyungne (**)




(*) For the retreat "Individual Practice"  you can shorten the duration to one week.
(**) Single Nyungnes can be done.
The other retreats last 2 weeks each.
A retreat will only take place if at least 4 participants register.

Daily schedule to be strictly followed:
06:00 AM First session
07:00 AM Yoga
08:00 AM Breakfast
10:00 AM Second session
01:00 PM Lunch
03:00 PM Third session
07:00 PM Dinner
08:00 PM  Forth session


Important: General Information about the Retreats in Allmuthen by Lama Ngawang Tsultrim

We hope that we have aroused your interest with these manifold, precious and very special offers.

Best wishes,
Your team from BPL

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