Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche's old attendants (shabji) Jinpa, Sherab, Geleg, Tashi Öser and I had a meeting and decided to open the cremation stupa (phur khang) that is closed at the moment on Thursday the 31st of May at 6:00 am. There will be a ritual ceremony. The relics of Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche that are there will be placed in a copper vase and the ashes will be put in brocade sacks. Then in a traditional procession these relics will be led in circumambulation around the Gompa and placed in Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche's personal room where they will remain for some time.

As scheduled, the day began with a ritual circumabulation of Svayambunath Stupa, which commenced at 7:00 a.m. on 23 May. The Precious Kudung was accompanied by a large number of Rinpoche's students from all over the world, as well as by local devotees and followers of all schools. The street was lined by many people with incence, flowers and kathags. Some spontaneoulsy offered melodious chants as the Kudung passed by. By approximately 8:30 a.m. the procession arrived back at the monastery when Rinpoche's Precious Kudung was immediately placed in the Purkhang.

Dharma sisters and brothers and friends!

I am very very sorry to announce at such short notice that we have to change the date of the cremation due to considerations according to Tibetan astrology. This matter has been brought to our attention only very recently. The star movements of the 18th May, which is the 28th of the 3rd Tibetan month, is "Thur Go Che" ("open graveyard gate") which means an increased chance for a second cremation in our community. At that same day there is also the constellation called "Ba Den" which means that one should not erect banners and not hang prayer flags that day. If one does anyway, the positive effect is inverted, instead of good it does harm. We have discussed the matter at length with H.E. Drubwang Sange Nyenpa Rinpoche and have come to the following decision:

Here in Kathmandu, Swoyambhu, Benchen many kinds of different people continue to come pay respect to Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche's kudung and receive blessings. During the 49 days we invited different monasteries including nunneries to perform different pujas in dedication to Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche.
For the 7th week H.H. Karmapa recommended that the Kalachakra puja shall be performed here at the Benchen monastery.

Drubwang Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche finished the Prajnaparamita Lung Friday 13th April. In the afternoon Rinpoche gave the long life initiation. More than 5000 people came, most of them locals. We counted the longlife-substance pills that were given out and were all surprised how these people knew. Anyway it was very nice.