sh3 During the summercourse 2007 Tenga Rinpoche initiated the Sangha House Project.

 This new building will serve a variety of purposes. During summercourses with its very often unstable weather conditions it will be accomodation especially for the elders and mothers with little children.

During the year it will be much easier to give Dharma courses due to the extra accomodation. Furthermore there will be extra retreat facilities.

sh-logo1This calligraphy for the Sangha House selected by Tenga Rinpoche signifies "Love".


Pictures are in chronological order starting with the former bull shed from summer 2008 until the completion of the shell construction summer 2009.
The former bull shed was completely pulled down. You can watch the building progress until the closed shell was completed just before the summer course 2009.

The next important step is the thermal insulation of the building. After that follows the completion of the interior. This will be started as soon as the financial means are available.