Karma Pakshi (1204-1283) was officially recognized as the incarnation of the first Karmapa (Düsum Khyenpa 1110-1193) and enthroned as the second Karmapa ("Master of Enlightened Action").
The Karmapa line of incarnation that still exists today is the oldest unbroken line of incarnation of Tibetan Buddhism.

The first Tenga Rinpoche (Lama Samten) had Karma Pakshi as his yidam. Karma Pakshi was also the first "Tulku" or recognized reincarnation of a master in Tibet.

In this course, under the guidance of Lama Ngawang Tsultrim and based on the text by Mingyur Rinpoche, the practice of Guru Yoga, which includes all aspects of Lamas, Yidams and Protectors, will be conducted. An initiation into Karma Pakshi is a prerequisite for course participation.

Begin:  Friday,  Mar. 1   at 19:00 CET 
Mar. 4 
 Carnival Monday 
at 16:00 CET

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