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A word from the Editors

Sangye Nyenpa's introduction to the teachings based on Gampopa's text "The Wish-Fulfilling Jewel of the True Dharma – The Jewel Ornament of Liberation".

Sangye Nyenpa Visits 2004

Tenga Rinpoche Visits 2004

Spring Course 2004
Spring Course 2005

Our monthly practice in Benchen/Nepal

7000 people were treated in 2003 at the Benchen Free Clinic

Some Impressions

Black Hat Dance with Drums (shanag ngacham) perfomed at Benchen Monastery/Nepal

Seven-Fold Vajra Kilaya Practice has been performed.

Bokar Rinpoche's parinirvana

Appointment of New Khenpo

More than 160 monks received the ordination ceremony

Construction work at the maitreya shrine