General information for courses and retreats in Benchen Phuntsok Ling:
Please bring your own sleeping bag, a blanket and warm clothing.
It is absolutely necessary to register in advance!
Phone +49 221-602072 after 7.00 PM
Accomodation is limited!

During courses with our Resident Lamas (including meals and accommodation) per day: 30 €
A nice course fee like this is only possibe when everybody joins a small assistance job during the course. Please help to clean the tables after meals, vacuum clean, ...

Weekend rate/no course:
(including meals and accommodation) per day: 22 €
Longterm retreats (according to arrangement): 15 €

For your retreat practice it requires absolutely prior consultation with Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche.
During your retreat Lama Yönten Palsang and Lama Ngawang Tsültrim will assist you in your practice.

Daily Programm:

7.00 AM: Green Tara practice
5.00 PM: Daily Mahakala practice
8.00 PM: Chenrezig Puja / Chöd (Milam Lungten)

MahakalaFor many years now it has been the custom in Benchen Phuntsok Ling to practice the medium length ritual of Mahakala Dorje Bernagchen during the days between Christmas and the New Year.

This year it will happen in a slightly different manner. Between Christmas and the New Year the practice is restricted to all those who already received the empowerment of Dorje Bernagchen. All the mantras which are recited will be counted. The practice will be guided by Lama Ngawang Tsultrim.

Before Losar next year (11.-15. February 2018) the recitation of the medium lenght ritual of Mahakala will happen, too. At that time the recitation is open for everyone.

It is a nice opportunity to meet again with the Benchen Sangha after the summer course.

Start Tuesday December 26, at 2.30 PM
End Saturday December 30, at noon
The recitation will be concluded with the practice of the Riwo Sangchö ritual.

Fees per day (including meals): 35 €

It is absolutely necessary to register in advance! Please observe the general information on courses and retreats.

Places for overnight stay in the center are limited. Check the accommodation list if you are looking for hotel or room outside the center.